well…Hi! here’s a little about myself

Hi guys,My name is Matthew Potter (and yes I’ve heard all the jokes), I’m 20 years old and live in Ballarat, Victoria.

I was raised by a single mother for about 15 years until she remarried. I have 4 brothers, one of which is no longer with us (I still count him though.).

I was born in a small town in Victoria called Daylesford. I moved to Queensland when I was a baby and was raised in Darwin for around 10 years. I have lived in every state in Australia and I’ve had some pretty crazy adventures along the way.

I’m currently a student. I’m studying my bachelor of art/ Diploma of professional writing and editing at the University of Ballarat.

I’m loving life at the moment, I’ve been in a long term relationship, I’m doing what I love and things are really looking up.

I’m gay (sorry ladays)

I like to write about a variety of things really. Politics. event. I also write short stories and sometimes even a bit of poetry.

You will probably see a lot of rants.

Anyway, you will get to know more about me along the way and I hope you enjoy my writing.

Thanks 😀


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